Hi there! I'm Lilli-Tiger, a 24-year-old Graphic Designer based in the UK. I completed both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree at York St John University and achieved the highest qualification in both. During my time as a student, I took a particular interest in the relationship between ethics, environmental welfare, and design, with my master's dissertation focusing on how design could make people more open to reducing the amount of meat they consume. The findings of my primary research were discussed by the media platform 'Plant Based News' and I concluded my MA degree by creating the visual identity and food-ordering app for a plant-based festival 'Plant Power'.
After graduation, I worked at Manchester United Football Club as a Digital Design Intern, creating a wide range of digital and print assets. During my year with the club, my graphics received over 50 million likes on Instagram alone, and as the Creative Lead for the international ILOVEUNITED events, I concluded the project having used just half of the initial design budget.
After my time with United, I chose to move from Manchester to Sheffield, expanding my skills and working as a freelance designer with a focus on creative visual identities for online personalities and creatives. If you're interested in discussing freelance projects, please don't hesitate to contact me at lillitigerthomas@gmail.com.
I'm now considering moving back into going a studio or design department full-time in the Manchester area. You can download my full CV here.
Thanks for visiting my portfolio and I hope to hear from you soon.
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